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2016 Skill Competition

Sep. 01, 2016

In order to enhance mutual understanding and coordination among team members, boost organizational vitality, increase team cohesion, develop work staff's confidence and strengthen their resolve to make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties, the 2016 Staff Skill Competition unveiled in July, hosted by Trade Union and organized by the HR& Administration Department.

The Skill Competition comprises three categories: A)Operation &Warehousing Skill (including Forklift Driving Individual, Machine Troubleshooting Individual, Case Packing& Loading Group ), B)Office Software Know-how &Operation Skill, C)Fire Prevention& Safety Skill. The number of those applying for the competition reached as much as eighty.


After half month's fierce competition, twenty-five participants stood out of the competitions, individually or as a group.


At the end of the competition, the Trade Union organized an award ceremony, where winners were presented with honorary certificate and reward by corporate leaders and Chairperson of the Trade Union.


The participants of the competition showed their high degree of production skills, motivating all staff's work enthusiasm, creating a good atmosphere where all staff members learn, help each other so as to catch up and stand out, strengthening team cohesion and common aspiration. All staff members pledged that in future they further enhance work skills, keep a continuous and restrict check on product quality and safety, so as to work hard jointly for successful attainment of 2016 Targets of Production.

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