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Safety Month

Oct. 10, 2016

This past June was the fifteenth safety month. to implement the Safety, Prevention, and Comprehensive management’s approach, respond to the theme of "strengthen the concept of safe development, enhance the safety awareness". Suzhou Industrial Park Asia Pacific paper converting Co.ltd., has made advance planning and active deployment, to further strengthen and improve production safety work.

1. Whole plant fire drill activities

At 1 p.m. on June 17th, people has found simulated fire in warehouse and launched LV3 reserve plan immediately. With the expanding of the fire, Mr. Yu Kun Long, the scene’s commander, has started the LV2 reserve plan through interphone. All emergency teams carried out fire fighting and rescue work immediately according to their respective responsibilities.


2. Fire safety’s knowledge test    Calm response and excellent performance of all examination personnel.


3. Watch and learn the safely production films 

To fully understand the importance of safely production by watching 2015’s national security incidents


4. safety slogan in everywhere to remind staff the importance of safely production.

By these activities, the company has a fruitful result to improve staff’s awareness of the importance of safely production, enhance the responsibility of all employees. Everyone is concerned about the atmosphere of safely production.  these activities have also popularized the basic knowledge of safely production in whole factory, promoted the construction of safety culture, and have improved the safety awareness and skills of all employees.